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We are a fun loving guild. of course you have your normal guild drama. if someone states they 
don't have drama in there guild there lying. But we as a whole make decisions and what to do. 
We are leveling up or 80's so we can start to raid again. We love to Raid and get achievements.
We all are good at something. and we use that to our advantage.
Happy hunting for the CATASTROPHIC guild of Winterhoof 
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New calender info

shanna33, Jan 18, 11 2:11 PM.
Starting Monday Jan 24, 2011 we will be starting a new calender ....... it will go like this ...... Monday and Tuesday Nights at pm server time we will be starting our Heroic Night . We will be getting groups together to get people geared for the up coming raids i'm hoping that in a month people will be geared to raid ....So if your not 85 yet . hurry hurry to 85 so u can join in the fun. Friday nights at 8 pm server time we will be doing achievements ... it will be friday achievement night :) we will do it for guild achievements or regular achievements send an in game tell to me ont he achievement you would like to get :)  and sunday will be farming  for the guild please farm on sunday :) We need to keep the bank stocked and we need lots of stuff for upcoming raiding :)  Thank you and happy hunting 

Things to come .. starting next week :)

shanna33, Jan 18, 11 2:02 PM.
We are starting many things this coming week ....monday the 24th -------- to sunday the 30th ... this will be the first week we do it to see how it pans out  we will be starting a raffle and scavenger hunt. the Raffle will start Monday the 24th ..... mail my toon bankstash a in game mail with 10 gold :) and on Saturday 29th join in the fun and we will /roll to see who wins the money :)  To be sure of the roll we will open up a raid party and meet in org and I will /roll to see who wins the money :) I would liek to do a scavenger hunt but people have to tell me what they would like as a prize for the hunts :) So we make it worth peoples wilds to do them... Just trying to figure things out so people arent so bored with the game :) Thank you and happy hunting :) 

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

shanna33, Jan 9, 11 1:20 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Winterhoof (PvE)
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Arcane (25)
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Assassination (25)
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Subtlety (25)
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